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Welcome to VIBE in Sunnyside!

Denver's mind and body wellness center for women and genderqueer people.


VIBE Gym and Wellness Collective is a Denver-based fitness and wellness facility for women and genderqueer people who are looking to start or amplify their wellness journey with none of the judgment and all of the support. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and loving. We empower women and genderqueer people. We prioritize your safety, comfort and acceptance because you’re worth it. Nourish your body and nourish your mind at VIBE Gym and Wellness Collective.



What do you want from your gym? We hear it all the time: “I wish I felt comfortable going to the gym, but I feel so judged.” Maybe you’re in the beginning of your fitness journey and you need some help learning the basics. Maybe you want to lift heavy shit, and you just want a space where you can get to work without weird looks or comments on your body. Or maybe you’re learning to love movement for the sake of movement and to feel better in your mind. Fitness and health look different for everyone, and we at VIBE understand that.

We wanted to create a gym with a better vibe, one that members are excited to go to whether they want to make friends and workout buddies or get in and get out. One where members not only go to work out but also to access a full spectrum of wellness resources. One where respect is the foundation, and your comfort and acceptance are the key factors to our success. Sound nice? We thought so, too. Glad you made it, friend. #ItsAWholeVibe

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