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Our child care pros are experienced in caretaking and certified in first aid and CPR. Work out with peace of mind while your kids enjoy a playroom filled with toys, books and space to jump and play. No need for sign-ups!


Tiara (she/her)

Tiara is a child care supervisor certified in CPR/First Aid and AED. Previously, she led her own daycare classroom, and she is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. You can usually find her exploring in nature or singing at the top of her lungs to artists such as WILLOW and Glass Animals. Her dream is to one day own a self-sustainable homestead with just her family farm animals and plants.

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Hilda is a child care provider with CPR certification and state certification; they have walked the incline in Colorado and love to work on cars as well as hang outdoors with their family and dog. You can catch Hilda jammin' to pop and country music.


Kiana (she/her)

Kiana is a daycare teacher and child care expert with 8 years of experience in the field. She has completed Colorado Shines PDIS and is First Aid and CPR-certified.


In 2021, she vacationed in Denver with her partner. The pair fell in love with city and promptly moved just three weeks later! Having grown up in a military family, Kiana has an appreciation for many cultures; she loves to travel and enjoys cooking food from all over the world. She can't live without her french bulldog, named Mia, and calico cat, named Syfye.

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