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At VIBE, our mission is to provide a welcoming, inclusive and supportive fitness and wellness facility for women and gender-queer people. We want to help you meet your mind and body wellness goals in an environment that considers your uniqueness and pushes you to become a better, stronger and happier version of yourself.

How does VIBE make its facilities, classes and atmosphere inclusive and welcoming? 

  • Welcomes trans women, cis women, non-binary people and people of all sexualities, ages, abilities and races

  • Gender-neutral restrooms
  • Free child care options

  • Quiet spaces

  • Photo and video permission

  • Scent-free environment

  • Large font materials

  • Mental health awareness and resources

  • Varied pricing options, including student and teacher pricing

  • Location that is accessible by public transportation

  • Wheelchair-accessible parking, gym, rooms and restrooms




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