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Have a question about all things VIBE? This page may hold the answers you're looking for!

Who is welcome at VIBE?

VIBE is a welcoming space for women and non-binary people. At VIBE, it's not about how you present, it's about how you identify. We provide a safe space for cis women, trans women and non-binary people.

What are the gym's hours?

VIBE Gym and Wellness Collective's hours are Mon - Thurs, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Fri - Sat, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and closed on Sunday.

When is child care available?

Free child care is available for members and day pass holders Mon - Thurs, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Fri - Sat, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. No sign-up required!

Where can I sign up for classes?

Sign up for classes and events at

VibeGym-Web_Wavy Line- White.png

Where are you located?

VIBE Gym and Wellness Collective is located at 4045 Pecos St., Ste. 160 in Denver. Click here for a map view.

Does VIBE have a phone number?

No, you're not crazy! We don't have a phone number, but you can still get in contact with us anytime. The best ways to communicate with the VIBE team are through Instagram messenger, Facebook messenger, email or our contact form. We're usually pretty quick to respond, so if you don't hear back from us within 3 days, please follow up with us!

Can I schedule a tour?

You can stop by the gym any time during regular business hours and a VIBE representative will be available to show you around! No need to make an appointment.

Can I try out the gym first?

Of course! We offer single day passes for $20 that give you access to the gym space and $15 drop-in passes to attend one class. Day passes can be purchased here and drop-ins can be scheduled here.

What equipment do you have?

For cardio equipment, we have jump ropes, an Assault Runner treadmill, a row machine, a Jacobs Ladder machine and an airbike.


For strength training, we have free weights, including kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells (with iron and bumper plates), medicine balls, stability balls and Bosu balls. We also have two functional trainers with various cable attachments, a GHD (Glute Ham Developer), four rack stations (for squatting, benching, pull-ups, etc.), plyo boxes, resistance bands *deep breath* and movable, adjustable and flat benches.


We've also got accessories such as barbell clips, barbell pads, weighted vests, lifting belts (from Lifting the Dream), ab mats, landmines and more! Don't forget our Smart Mirrors with self-guided exercises as well as fitness classes with stuff like trampolines, yoga mats and foam rollers.

I'm interested in a personal trainer. What are the personal training rates?

Our personal trainers set their own rates. If you want to learn more about our personal trainers, you can view them here.

I'm a [student, veteran, teacher, low-income individual]. Can I apply for a discounted rate?

We do have a special access rate that can be applied for. In order to qualify, you'll have to submit supporting artifacts as required, such as identification or recent pay stubs.

How can I log in to view my account?

You can log in with the email and password you set when you signed up. If you forgot your password, you can reset it here.

What's the cancellation policy at VIBE?

For classes, you can cancel anytime but you must cancel at least 6 hours ahead of time to qualify for a full refund.


If you need to cancel your membership, we're sad but we understand! Submit a two-month notice and then your membership will be canceled at the end of those two months. (Example: If you submit your notice on August 1, the last day you can utilize your membership is September 30.)

Is open gym available even during classes?

Yes! Open gym is available during business hours unless expressly stated. You ARE allowed to utilize the gym space when classes are being taught near the weight racks (no funny looks included).

Are suite babe services included in membership?

Suite babe services are NOT included with memberships, and you do NOT need to be a member to utilize them. Some of these small business owners do, however, offer discounts and promotions to VIBE members. Check out the Suite Babes page for more info.

What's the parking situation?

We have several reserved parking spots on the west side of the building as well as street parking on the north side and an overflow lot on the south side. Parking is free!

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