As a Gym AND Wellness Collective, VIBE has a ton to offer in the realm of health and wellness. We take a whole-body approach to living your best life. That means that we encourage you to nourish both your body and your mind. When you become a member at VIBE Gym and Wellness Collective, you get access to all of the following services.

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VIBE’s gym is open to members and offers a range of equipment, including free weights, resistance machines, cardio machines, Smart Mirrors and more. This is a space for members to enjoy their workouts at their own pace and with their own structure.

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Fitness classes at VIBE currently include yoga, HIIT, self-defense, Zumba, bounce, kickboxing, mat pilates, dance jam, lifting and running club. New classes will be added based upon member interest. These spaces are for members who might want to try something new or add in some structure into their workout routines.

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VIBE offers access to personal trainers who will help maximize your results along your fitness journey. Personal trainers are certified and trained in providing safe and effective workout programs depending on your goals. Personal training can help you get stronger, lose weight, gain weight or just move more joyfully.

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If you're looking for a space to do your own thing, VIBE has you covered! With VIBE's private training spaces, you can stick to your own routine and move at your own pace, or even take space for some peace of mind in our red light therapy meditation rooms. VIBE gives members the space, privacy and tools to reach their fitness goals on their terms.



VIBE offers child care for children 10 weeks and up (free with your VIBE membership!). With our amazing team of child care experts, your children are safe and in great hands so you can focus on your physical and mental health with peace of mind.



People wonder what the “Wellness Collective” part of VIBE is. Simply put, a VIBE membership doesn’t just give you access to a gym; it also connects you to an ever-growing network of health and wellness professionals in various professions, including financial support, professional networking and mental health. Beyond partnerships and friendships, members gain knowledge and tools to increase their mental and emotional wellbeing. The VIBE culture is one of community, and we help you build unlimited connections to help you thrive in your everyday life.

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