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Interested in a VIBE fitness class? The class instructors at VIBE are all incredible women and non-binary people whose specialties range from yoga to dance to strength training. Get to know the badasses instructors at VIBE, and make sure to check out our class schedule and sign up for a class today!

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Meghan (she/her)

Meghan is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and the owner of VIBE Gym and Wellness Collective. She’s dabbled in various forms of exercise, including triathlons, strongman competitions, CrossFit, yoga, powerlifting and more, throughout her life.


Meghan loves shopping, traveling and finding new outdoor adventures. Her diet is plant-based, so share any delicious vegetarian/vegan recipes to find a way to her heart!

#PersonalTrainer #Nutrition

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Rachel (she/her)

Rachel is a certified personal trainer and has worked in the fitness industry for over three years in roles such as health coach, trainer and group fitness instructor. She's Meg's partner in crime in all things VIBE.


One of her greatest accomplishments is losing fifty pounds and keeping it off for over 7 years. Help her practice Spanish, and she’ll love you forever.

#PersonalTrainer #GroupFitness

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Brenda (she/her)

Brenda is a FitTour-certified group fitness instructor with 25 years of teaching experience in group fitness, Pilates, ZIN Zumba and step.


This mom of two loves to dance, travel, hike, mountain bike, run and spend time with her family. When she's taking a break, she can usually be found binge-watching true crime shows.


#ZumbaInstructor #GroupFitness #Pilates


Whitney (she/they)

Whitney is a Level 2 CrossFit Instructor, USAW and EMT. She's competed in CrossFit and studied to become a weightlifting coach, which she's been doing for 11+ years.


Whitney is a writer, realtor, vinyl collector, activist, dancer and nature enthusiast. She's transported - in her very own car - the following species to their respective rescues: turkey vulture, raccoon, rattlesnake, turtles, ducks/ducklings, bats and innumerable cats and dogs. She doesn't watch much TV but will definitely binge Russian Doll.

#Weightlifting #CrossFit

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Emily (she/her)

Emily is a yoga instructor and child care provider with EYRT Certification, CPR/AED/First Aid certification, Trauma-informed yoga certification, prison yoga project certification and expertise in Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa, kettle bell yoga, HIIT yoga, guided meditation and early childhood education.


She's won several awards at speaking conferences and speech competitions and owns a business. Her dogs are her go-to adventure pals, and she lives for travel, live performances and writing.

#YogaInstructor #ChildCare

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Kelsey (she/her)

Kelsey is a Bounce / Sculpt Instructor who holds a BS in Exercise Science and a BA in Dance. She started dancing at age 3 and has never really stopped!

Kelsey's personal goal is to be the light for anyone and everyone around her. "I find that lifting others up and being a positive force is what brings me the most happiness." She has a cute little pomsky pup named Esme and her favorite podcast is BossBabe!

#Trampoline #Bounce
#BounceSculpt #MatSculpt

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Jay (they/them)

Jay is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and holds certifications in CPR/AED and First Aid. At VIBE, they are a Strength and Wellness Coach specializing in strength & barbell training, functional fitness and personalized programs.


Jay is proud to have helped elect the first out, LGBTQ, city councilwoman in Aurora history and a queer socialist to Denver City Council. They fell in love with weightlifting because it helped them focus on how they felt in their own body without competing.

#StrengthAndWellness #PersonalTrainer

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McKay (they/them)

McKay is the founder and creator of Motion As Potion Dance Aerobics. They are currently a master’s candidate in Somatic Body Psychotherapy and a Certified Life Coach & Somatic Practitioner. McKay has also been a spin instructor and group fitness instructor since 2016. 


McKay loves art, astrology and meditation - and might cold-plunge in between activities! They love the outdoors and recharge by being in nature. This may explain their love for traveling, having traveled to 45 countries and 6 continents!

#DanceAerobics #GroupFitness #SomaticBodyPsychotherapy

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Hannah (she/her)

Hannah is a yoga instructor with over six years of teaching experience in various forms of yoga, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga and hot yoga. 


She found yoga while earning her B.A. in Psychology, and she utilized the practice to help navigate struggles with an eating disorder and mental health challenges. A lover of travel, Hannah has visited several countries, including France, Peru and Italy (to name just a few!).

#Yoga #YogaInstructor

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