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Dr. Sarah Morrison

Holistic Pain, Stress & Recovery Therapy

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Feel stuck? Tried everything but nothing really works? Gaslighted by the traditional healthcare system? Dr. Sarah Morrison is a Holistic Pain, Stress & Recovery Therapist who specializes in evidence-based nervous system regulation to help you get to the root of whatever is keeping you STUCK, even if nothing else has worked. Imagine if your physical therapist, mental health therapist, functional practitioner, spiritual guide, and biggest cheerleader all got squished into one!

She offers a variety of services including integrative dry needling, trauma-trained breath work and bodywork, somatic & NLP trauma & performance coaching, chronic illness management & movement, animal-assisted therapy, holistic physical therapy, and much more!

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VIBE members get a free 30 minute consultation call and $50 Off First 60 Minute Session.

Members also get 25% Off Non-Toxic Living Products and Essential Oils.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday: 10am-7pm
Availability outside of normal working hours upon request.

Get in touch with her: You can schedule with Sarah online at or call/text at 720-309-6367.


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